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Acupuncture Physicians Directory: Finding The Best Provider

Not only medical doctors have directory listings. So-called "alternative" healing practitioners share the benefit of this useful tool.

You can locate providers of acupuncture, or "acupuncturists" in your area by searching through an acupuncture physician’s directory.

Larger cities, even medium-sized cities in certain areas, will have many professionals that can provide acupuncture healing. Today, even in smaller locations you can often find at least one provider located reasonably close.

The reason for this is quite simply because the benefits of acupuncture are becoming widely understood as more and more people experience healing from this ancient treatment. You will most likely find more than one person to select from the acupuncture physicians directory.

Acupuncture is an ancient method of healing that has been used in Asia for thousands of years. This medicine treatment was used for many years by Chinese medicine men.

Over time, popularity of the ancient methods waned in favor of western medicines. In the last two decades, however, acupuncture gained back much of the respect it lost.

While acupuncture should not be used as your sole method of treating every condition, it is often paired as a complementary treatment with western medicine or other natural therapies, especially herbs, to make it more effective in treating the condition.

When you use this type of alternative treatment, you are using many of the same techniques used from this ancient medicine.

In any acupuncture physicians directory, you are sure to find a number of different professionals to help you. Some have combined their services with others that offer alternative treatment.

For example, it can be common to see an acupuncturist working alongside a professional providing herbal remedies and treatments for pain. It is common for alternative treatments and other eastern medicine and treatments to be found in the same practice.

In order to choose a physician from the acupuncture physician’s directory, you should spend some time learning as much as you can about that physician. One thing to look for is their education in this method of healing.

Most will be certified in acupuncture. You may see that they are board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This means that they have gone through a specific program providing them with the necessary knowledge to treat your condition using these methods.

Most acupuncture physicians are also experts in acupressure. Both are similarly effective, although acupressure is more time consuming so practitioners often prefer to treat with acupuncture.

If you prefer acupressure, look for listings in your Acupuncture Physicians' directory but if you don't see any listings in your area, call the acupuncture practitioners and ask their policy.

When selecting an acupuncturist from an acupuncture physician’s directory, learn about their successes as well as the types of acupuncture that they use in patients.

Finding someone that you enjoy being with can be an important part of the process. It takes a lot of trust and confidence to allow someone to insert needles into your body. Feeling relaxed and comfortable with your acupuncture physician will benefit your healing.

Always ask questions so that you know who you are working with and can believe in the techniques that they use. In acupuncture, as with most types of therapy, patients experience greater healing and improvement of pain when they choose experienced and quality providers for their care.