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Stimulating Herbs Perfect For Herbal Sexual Medicine

When it comes to herbal sexual medicine it is important to know what the working principals of the chemical compounds in the herbs are. It is also important to know what part of the human body those ingredients have an effect on.

Herbal sexual medicine can stimulate the neural system, improve blood circulation, stimulate tissue growth or regeneration, stimulate feelings in the genital organs or stimulate the production of hormones.

Herbal sexual medicine can be purchased as a tea, pills, tincture or even loose herbs.

Types Of Herbal Sexual Medicine

There are six general kinds of herbal sexual medicine on the market today. Each one does something different.

It is important to know what you want the medicine to do as well as know something about the various herbs that the medicine contains. The six types of herbal sexual medicine currently available claim to do the following:

• Increase sexual desire.
• Increase feelings in the genitals.
• Offer better sexual performance.
• Offer better lubrication.
• Increase the strength or the size of the genitals.
• Increase fertility.

About the herbs

Sexually stimulating herbs typically work on both men and women although there are some that work better on a man than a woman. Many times, sexually stimulating herbs will stimulate the human organism at more than one point which means they will have various effects.

Here are a few of the most common herbs and how their properties react sexually:

Catuaba, which stimulates the central nervous system, especially the functions that control sexual response, is the most important sexually stimulating plant in South America. It has also been used as an aphrodisiac by the Indians.
Cayenne pepper, a common spice, stimulates tissue regeneration and growth. Because of this it is believed that cayenne can make the sexual organs stronger and more efficient.
Damiana is especially effective for women because it strengthens and stimulates the female hormone progesterone.
Ginseng stimulates and normalizes the blood flow in the sexual organs. It also stimulates sperm production which results in stronger arousal, better genital functions and stronger physical feelings.
Hawthorn fruits stimulates blood circulation which in turn improves sexual functions.
Epidemium or horny goat weed, as it is commonly called, is an East Asian herb that is used to stimulate the sensorial bodies in the sexual organs. This increases sperm production, gives better fertility and gives stronger genital feelings.
Peppermint stimulates the secretion of lubricating substances in the genital system.

Herbal sexual medicine, as with any herbal or pharmaceutical medication, should be used under the supervision of a health care provider and should not be used long term.

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