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Where To Find Iridology Schools

Iridology schools are a little easier to find than followers of alternative medicine might realize. As this screening procedure is often seen as a vital link in this field of medicine, educational programs do abound for its study.

Iridology schools focus on the study of this unusual screening science. Iridology centers on the premise that the eyes are a window into the functioning of a person's body.

Iridologists read the eyes, specifically the irises, for signs of illness and disease. They do this through the use of specialized equipment that enables them to obtain very detailed images of a patient's eyes.

Once iridologists have images of patients eyes, the real work begins. They then study these images to locate the presence of lesions.

It is believed that the eyes will show signs of illness even long before symptoms appear in a person. The signs involve very specific lesions and anomalies that are found in the irises of the eyes.

Lesions can present in a number of different ways. Iridologists believe that specific shaped and colored lesions indicate the possibility of certain problems within the body. The location of a lesion on the iris itself can tell an iridologist what organ might be impacted.

Iridologists believe that certain portions of the eyes related directly to certain organs.

For example, the upper right portion of the right iris is related to the thyroid. A portion of the left side of the iris correlates to the lungs and so on.

To learn how to properly conduct iridology screenings, students must locate reputable iridology schools. There are several places to look for iridology schools that are recognized in the field and provide the proper credentials to practice.

The best places to look for good schools include:

The Internet. A host of iridology schools provide online courses to students all over the world. Check the credentials and affiliations involved in any distance learning courses.

Holistic, Iridology or Alternative Medicine institutions. There are schools and colleges dedicated to nothing but the teaching of alternative practices of medicine. Many of these programs offer certification in iridology. Again, it is wise to check the affiliations and credentials attached to schools. The best will be affiliated with state, national or international organizations that provide standards for learning and practice.

Membership organizations. Organizations like the International College of Iridology often offer advanced learning programs for practitioners in the field.

Iridology schools should provide the basics in education in this field. Diving into this practice without the proper background is unethical and simply not do-able.

There is more to this screening science than simply looking at an eye and reading a chart.

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