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´╗┐Let's Take A Closer Look At An Iridology Chart

Practitioners of iridology believe that patterns and markings in the eye's iris can reveal a lot of information about the overall condition of the body. Many rely on a basic iridology chart for guidance.

An iridology chart is a complicated design that shows the iris of the eye in its entirety. Each part of the iris is believed to correspond to a specific part of the body.

When an iridology chart is used to study overall health status, iridologists look for anomalies in an particular person's iris and then consult the chart.

The use of the iridology chart is not meant to replace full medical, or alternative medicine workups. It is not designed to provide a basis for diagnosis either. Rather, iridology is used to help practitioners determine what area of the body to study further for a more comprehensive diagnosis.

Reading an iridology chart can be quite an undertaking for a beginner. The iris does have some rather complicated markings and the chart itself is also fairly complex.

To use a chart correctly, a person needs to have access to iris photographs taken with a specialized iridology camera and a chart.

When looking at the iris itself to find a corresponding link on an iridology chart, there are certain signs to look for within the iris picture itself.

Black spots and markings, for example, are thought to indicate dead or dying tissue. White spots are indicative of swelling or inflammation. Rings found around the iris could indicate spasms in a certain area.

The use of an iridology chart can take some time to get used to. Before diving in, it's often wise to really study the chart and learn which parts of the eye correspond to different parts of the body. This will take some effort, but the main organ groups, at least, should be learned.

Remember, when reading an iridology chart against a picture of the iris, that this science does not serve to diagnose. Alternative medicine practitioners themselves use this only as a guide to help them determine where to look for the source of illness, pain or potential problems down the road.

Iridology chart designs can be found readily on the Internet. A basic chart can be located, in most cases, at no charge. More complex and pinpointed charts are available at a price.

Many believe the eyes are the window into the body. An iridology chart helps practitioners of alternative medicine get a picture of what may or may not be happening to an individual based on anomalies found in the eye.

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