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´╗┐Is Walking Meditation Right For You?

Whether you are just learning how to meditate or have been meditating for quite some time, one thing that you may want to decide for yourself is whether or not walking meditation is right for you. Not only does it have to be right for you, but you will also have to determine whether you are comfortable doing it.

Although walking meditation has been around for many years, most people think about sitting meditation as the only type of meditation. However, there are actually four types of meditation:

  • Walking

  • Standing

  • Sitting down, and

  • Lying down

As everyone knows, sitting meditation is by far the most known and popular types of meditation.

When it comes down to actually performing walking meditation, it is mostly done between two different sessions of sitting meditation, and on occasion after sitting meditation is completed.

When a person is performing walking meditation, it is seen as being a much slower paced walk than normal, and as natural as possible. As for the focus of the on the walk, it should be of each foot, which is the lifting, moving and placing of the moving foot.

When it comes to the objective walking meditation, it is to be aware along with knowing every sensation as it happens. One of the most difficult things about walking meditation is finding the best place to practice it, as there are seldom places that are quiet.

Idealistically the best place to practice walking meditation is on a long pathway that does not have any distractions or obstructions; however, finding that is almost impossible. Along with the path being free of any objects, it is best for it to be about 30-40 feet long (so that you can walk back and forth).

Because of the problem of finding a proper place of practicing walking meditation, many people are now practicing it on walking machines, while they are getting their daily exercise.

Just like any other type of meditation, there are many benefits of walking meditation as well. In fact, one of the best benefits to walking meditation is that it helps resolve any tiredness or lethargy problems one may have, while at the same time it will help relieve any pain at the knees.

Some other benefits to walking meditation is a peace of mind, helps build concentration, helps with body support and sitting.

Another reason why some choose to use walking meditation is because it can be used as a form of exercise, where it will help build up strength and stamina.

When and if you are learning to meditate while walking, the most important thing that you will have to remember is to have an open mind, as it may become very difficult to learn walking meditation. Once you learn to empty your mind and focus, walking meditation will seem like the most natural thing in the world.

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