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Reiki Healing For A Better Vibration

If you don't know anything about Reiki, but are interested in reducing stress in your life and experiencing deep relaxation, then try Reiki. It won't hurt you.

One of the most often talked about benefits of Reiki healing is stress reduction and relaxation. Does Reiki healing help the body?

Yes, it triggers your natural healing abilities, improves and maintains your health. And Reiki healing is a natural therapy.

In this day and age of pills for this and that, hormones for other things and concoctions and doctors writing too many prescriptions, Reiki healing is gaining popularity. People want to get back to something natural, and what could be more natural than the energy of Reiki healing?

Reiki healing is non-invasive and can be done either hands on the client's body, or by just working in the client's "aura" or "energy" field just a few inches out from their body.

What is happening is the energy being channeled through the Reiki practitioner is working with the Higher Self of the Receiver (Client) to enhance their health and well-being. That would be the WHOLE being, including the physical, emotional and psychic body.

Reiki healing knows where to go and what to do. It has an intelligence of it own.

The only thing required by the practitioner is the intention to heal/help with Reiki. The only thing required by the client is to give permission to the practitioner to use the intention to heal/help them.

Interesting note: Reiki healing can be channeled to yourself as well as to others. Reiki energy is total and pure energy. When it is partnered with the sincere desire to heal or be healed the results are often quite amazing.

Are there any other benefits of reiki?

Yes, it can clear energy blockages in your body. When your life force energy is disrupted, weakened or blocked what tends to happen is emotional or health problems crop up. An imbalance in our energy can stem from many things – injury, negative thoughts/feelings, worry, fear, anger, negative self-talk etc.

Reiki can help with any and all energy interruptions in your body by the universal life force energy channeled through the practitioner. You won't ever deplete the energy level of the practitioner, for they have access to a limitless supply.

What other benefits can I derive from Reiki besides deep relaxation? Reiki helps accelerate your self-healing abilities, helps you sleep better, can reduce blood pressure, helps relieve pain, supports your immune system and raises the vibrational frequency of the body among other things.

Reiki complements Eastern and Western medicine and everyone can benefit from it, even animals, plants, water etc. Everything in our environment has a life force energy and it is often over looked in our hectic lifestyles.