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Exercise In Style With Yoga Pants

Gone are the days when leotard clad women turned up in droves ready to start practicing their yoga class.

Today’s yoga enthusiasts are much more stylish since the advent of yoga pants and cropped or fitted tops. Yoga followers have a fashion all of their own, and the styles are comfortable but attractive to look at.

It is not essential for the yoga student to spend out on a variety of clothing specifically for yoga, as comfort is the most important criteria and allowing for the wide range of movements incorporated in any yoga session.

Yoga pants should be loose fitting with plenty of stretch within the fabric, the wearer must feel comfortable at all times, which means that the yoga pants should fit snugly but have plenty of room for movement.

Many styles are now made out of a good quality cotton and they come in a wide range of colors to suit everybody’s height, build, weight and mood.

The importance of investing in yoga pants and specifically designed yoga tops is that it can help set the right feeling for practice. Yoga is all about concentrating, about focusing on the individual postures, being one with the movement and relaxing into the pose, and waiting for tension which may be stored up within the muscles to relax and release.

This would be difficult to do if the yoga practitioner had concerns about their clothing and felt they were too tight, uncomfortable or they pinched.

Yoga pants especially should be well-fitted around the waist, be careful not to choose those which have the type of elastic waistbands which could curl or ruche up around the middle, similarly allow for freedom of movement when purchasing your outfit, as they should be loose enough to move without restriction.

Color is important as well, different colors can signal different moods and can help you to identify with how you are feeling, it will allow others in the class to intuitively sense how you are during the practice and it can make a statement about you as well.

Whatever clothes you are planning to purchase for your yoga session, remember that they have to feel comfortable on you.

Yoga is all about individual progress and style and that must include the clothes you wear to practice in. It isn’t a competition with the postures and neither is it a competition as to who can wear the coveted designer yoga pants.

Having yoga clothes style is about feeling confident, being focused and feeling relaxed and best of all, they don’t just have to be worn for yoga.