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Yoga Positions For Perfect Weight Control

So many people shy away from starting an exercise or keep fit program if they feel a little bit overweight, as they feel self-conscious and uncomfortable if attending a gym or a class.

Lack of fitness may stop someone from attending an aerobics class but starting yoga is less intimidating.

The yoga positions are ideal for the beginner, as there are varying intensities and students can push themselves further if the body allows. Yoga is non-competitive so individuals should progress in their own time, allowing their bodies to relax into the yoga positions naturally.

Those who are unfit or overweight will find that by focussing on the correct alignment of each of the yoga positions, they will start to tone up, slim down and increase their flexibility.

As the strength and suppleness increases, students tend to find that their appetite diminishes whilst their quest for knowledge towards healthier eating increases.

When eating sensibly and following a careful exercise plan, there is no need for starvation diets or straining the body with unrealistic exercise programs. In effect, yoga offers realistic solutions to obesity.

Consider the gentle positive effect yoga has on the mind. It increases clarity, wisdom and provides a sense of inner peace so that the mind, body and spirit begins to work in harmony with each other, and this then helps to balance out the need for comfort eating.

It can help the student to begin to care for their body in general quite naturally without feelings of guilt.

The yoga positions are only one aspect of yoga as a whole but they are an integral part of any practise and a healthy body will eventually lead to a healthier mind.

Quite simply, the student can take their practise and self-development to new levels, it only requires the ability to find time to practise regularly and with focus.

Ideally practise should be daily and the best time is early in the morning on awakening and prior to eating breakfast. This may not be the best time for everyone, so adapting the practise time and location may be advisable. The main aim is to practise regularly and this then becomes a way of life and not a chore.

Dedicated students will use every opportunity to practise, be it in front of the television, at work or even in the garden. There are many opportunities to practise yoga positions which will all help ultimately with slimming and firming the figure.

For those who suffer with problem body parts, there are yoga positions, which can help to improve or alleviate certain conditions. Bad posture for example will be greatly improved as awareness is heightened, as the body grows stronger.

Abdomen: Try abdominal lifts, child pose, cobra pose, boat pose

Thighs and Hips: Hero pose, Sun Salutation, Dog pose, Triangle

Arms and Legs: Bridge pose, Tree pose, Bridge pose.

Incorporate these yoga positions into a regular routine and the results will soon be apparent.